Players’ Club Tournaments

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Cost is $125

Play and compete in a team format while continuing to receive weekly instruction from a qualified coach!

Each team has a coach, an assistant coach, and between 10-15 players. Individual teams will have 2 practices a week in preparation for the weekly tournaments. Each team will have one home course where they will hold practices (Kennedy, Overland, Wellshire, or Willis Case).

These weekly events include a Par 3, 9-hole, and 18-hole tournament that rotate from course to course each week. Par-3 and 9-hole tournaments have a $5 green fee for each event. 18-hole tournaments have a $10 green fee. 18-hole and 9-hole tournaments will be Tuesday afternoons. Par-3 tournaments will be Monday afternoons. Tee times will be between approximately noon and 2:30. These different types of tournaments allow us to encompass a variety of different skill levels, while still maintaining a fun and competitive environment. By getting to play on the course in a tournament setting each week the kids get to learn golf skills and the rules of the game while also learning core values like sportsmanship and integrity.

At the end of the summer there is an awards banquet to honor the hard work of the participants throughout the season, the top teams and individuals are also awarded prizes. 100% of the tournament fees go toward prizes and the awards banquet. The First Tee of Denver’s Players’ Club provides a unique opportunity for participants who are ready to play the regulation golf courses.

The coach will determine where kids play each week.

Par 3 Flight

Par 3 tournaments will be team style formats (four-person scrambles) in order to introduce tournament style golf in a fun, stress free environment.

9 Hole Flight

9 hole tournaments will be played on 5 different golf courses and formats are tailored to start getting participants used to playing their own ball (2-person best ball, alternate shot). This will let your participant play a more competitive round but still have the security of playing with a partner.

18 Hole Flight

18 hole tournaments will be mostly played with participants own ball in either stroke or match play formats. This flight is designed to keep your high school player sharp for the beginning of the next season.

*This program is partially funded by the RLC Foundation



Par 3- Mon, Jun 11, 12:00 PM, Kennedy
9 & 18 Hole- Tue, Jun 12, 12:00 PM, Overland Park

Par 3- Mon, Jun 18, 12:00 PM, Harvard Gulch
9 & 18 Hole- Tue, Jun 19, 12:00 PM, Kennedy

Par 3- Mon, Jun 25, 12:00 PM, Kennedy
9 & 18 Hole- Tue, Jun 26, 12:00 PM, Willis Case

Par 3- Mon, Jul 9, 12:00 PM, Harvard Gulch
9 & 18 Hole- Tue, Jul 10, 12:00 PM, Wellshire

Par 3- Mon, Jul 16, 12:00 PM, Kennedy
9 & 18 Hole- Tue, Jul 17, 12:00 PM, Evergreen

Par 3- Mon, Jul 23, 12:00 PM, Harvard Gulch
9 & 18 Hole- Tue, Jul 24, 12:00 PM, Overland Park

Par 3- Mon, Jul 30, 12:00 PM, Kennedy
9 & 18 Hole- Tue, Jul 31, 12:00 PM, Kennedy

Par 3- Mon, Aug 6, 12:00 PM, Harvard Gulch
9 & 18 Hole- Tue, Aug 7, 12:00 PM, Evergreen

Pro/Jr.- Thu, Aug 9, 12:00 PM, Willis Case


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