Mentoring Program

After parents, peers have the greatest influence on kids’ lives. The First Tee of Denver partners high school students with younger at-risk kids. Mentors are provided the tools, the voice, and the opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of their mentees each month. As a result, both mentors and mentees develop the character and skills they need to reach their goals in life. The First Tee of Denver Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program is unique because it uses that influence to encourage both the mentor and mentee to make positive decisions and build character. It is a peer-driven effort, where the mentor and mentee encourage and guide each other through the building blocks of success. Mentors and mentees who encourage one another to be kind to others, to set healthy goals for themselves and to work hard to attain them can be a catalyst for change.Through mutual encouragement and the monthly activities, both mentor and mentee will learn about healthy relationships, positive communication, determination, and using good judgement.

How the Program Works:

-Your child will be matched with a high-school aged mentor
-Your child will be asked to attend 2 supervised group events a month
-The program comes at no cost to your family, we just ask that you get your child to and from events

For more information contact Erica Yates at 720-865-3416 or