The mission of The First Tee of Denver is to educate and inspire youth academically, socially, and physically through the game of golf.

What we do! 

In 2001, Denver Junior Golf served 200 children at one location with two levels of instruction. The Director of Golf charged the program with involving more children – particularly those who were under-served. Denver’s municipal golf courses are primarily located in older inner-city neighborhoods. The ethnic makeup of these neighborhoods is largely African-American and Hispanic. However, the participants in the city’s junior golf program were primarily Caucasian youth from more affluent areas of Denver. Golf was not only unpopular – it was strangely foreign to the kids who lived nearest to the golf course.


The former Junior Golf Director, David Kolquist, was a 30-year veteran teacher and coach. He went to the schools within walking distance of City Park Golf Course and met with school personnel and students. Recruitment meetings for the upcoming summer session netted eight kids. There was obviously a need for a new and different approach to introduce the target group of kids to golf. The challenge was to create a mindset that golf was not slow and boring, but fun, challenging, educational, worthwhile, and “cool.” He set out to create an alternative for under-served youth to provide academic and character development outside the regular school setting. He got more kids involved by using fun, unique golf experiences and creating multiple, rewarding opportunities for continual involvement. Kids then discovered a positive alternative that supported their growth into upstanding adults.

Why we started

At that time, more than 90% of the children at the target school were in the free and reduced lunch program.  Additionally the target school was ranked one of the worst academically when the Colorado State mandated testing was introduced. The junior golf program needed to be free/reduced fee and offer more than just golf. Thus, the 501c(3) program, The First Tee of Denver (TFTD), was created in order to raise dollars to supplement the junior golf program to give opportunities to children who might not have had them otherwise. Now every quadrant of Denver is served and programs are expanding into four surrounding counties.

What we Strive to do!

Providing resources and opportunities for children and ultimately benefiting the community by helping to create good citizens. The values-based programs reward responsible behavior, provide character development, and provide a fun engaging sport alternative that youth can benefit from for a lifetime.


  • Build trust with children, schools and the community for a partnership that will effectively enhance the quality of life for all citizens
  • Provide alternatives to dropping out of school, drug use, teen pregnancy, gangs and violence
  • Enhance participants’ self-esteem, build confidence and promote teamwork
  • Continue to be an efficient resource that uses existing partnerships for cost-effective operations
  • Motivate participants to learn a new sport, have fun and be healthy
  • Create positive experiences for children and young people from four-years-old through college
  • Never turn any child away for inability to pay
  • Have fun