The First Tee of Denver

Youth Leadership Council



  • Serve as the leadership group for The First Tee of Denver participants
  • Provide input in terms of TFTD programming and evaluation of the program, it’s staffing and volunteers from the participants’ perspective
  • Serve as advisory members on TFTD board and its committees.
  • Assist in the marketing and communication of program issues to other youth within and outside TFTD
  • Organize and manage the community service assistance of participants to TFTD and other community non-profit organizations.
  • Organize and assist with at least two Junior Council fundraiser per year.


  • All active TFTD participants ages 12-18 are invited to join the council.
  • All junior council members have the right to vote for the election of Officers.
  • All junior council members are required to participate in meetings, and/or fundraisers to remain in “good standing”, and eligible for national participant opportunities.
  • The five strike rule is in effect: Any member missing 5 or more meetings, events, and/or fundraisers will be removed from the junior council


  • Meetings will be held at City Park or Wellshire golf courses
    • All members are expected to provide their full attention and focus during meetings. All cell phones and other electronics are prohibited.
  • All meeting dates and times will be updated at on the Junior Council page.
  • Meetings are held at least once per month, with additional meetings scheduled as needed based on upcoming events and fundraisers
  • Meeting agendas and minutes will be posted on the junior council website page
  • All members must demonstrate The Code of Conduct before, during and after all meetings.


What we do in junior council


Membership in TFTD junior council includes but is not limited to the following responsibilities and expectations:

  • Junior Coach/Mentor in programming
  • Contribute to junior council website page, TFTD facebook page, TFTD twitter account @TFTdenver
  • Provide input and assistance on volunteer evaluations/recognition
  • Assist in all TFTD events
  • Promote and help organize The First Tee National participant opportunity application processes
  • Serve as speakers/ambassadors for TFTD
  • Demonstrate and abide by The First Tee Code of Conduct, Nine Core Values and all life skills


Junior Council Leadership Responsibilities


All Junior Council leadership members are ambassadors for the organization at all times.  Leadership members will be voted on by the leadership council.

  • Chair meetings, serves as primary Junior Council spokesperson/leader
  • Communicates agenda for the next meeting
  • Set goals, dates and outcomes with council input for all action items
  • Work with The First Tee of Denver Director of Programming to share council’s ideas and actions
  • Assist in the recruitment and retention of Junior Council Members
  • Work with Council to choose and plan fundraisers
  • Maintains all records including agendas and minutes
  • Communicate with leadership as to next meetings agenda
  • Email meeting minutes to all junior council members and post minutes on website
  • Maintain council tracking list including current members, contact information, attendance at meetings
  • Work with the Director of Programming regarding participant opportunities
  • Report on funds raised and expended at meetings
  • Work with council to choose and plan member events


YLC Goals 2017


  • Increase active members of the council to 20-25 by the end of the year
    • Speak with all eligible participants
    • Communicate opportunities through newsletters, email, website, and social media on a regular basis with current and potential members
  • Increase the number of YLC members selected to apply for National Participant Opportunities
    • Update participant opportunity section on YLC website
    • Provide ample opportunities for member involvement with fundraisers, coaching and other volunteer opportunities within the organization
  • Increase the number of teen opportunities at the chapter by 25% in 2017
    • Communicate with the Director of Programming to develop additional ideas
  • Raise at least $2,500 in 2017
    • Host at least 2 fundraising events in the first year
    • Continuously add fundraising ideas for upcoming years